Heart Transplants, The Latest Innovation In Cardiovascular Medicine

Heart transplant is a type of surgery used for patients who are in ‘end-stage heart failure’. Were these diseases such as ‘Birth defect’, ‘cardiomyopathy’ and ‘coronary’ can lead to End-stage heart failure’. These are the three main diseases that can cause end-stage heart failure, but out of the three, Cardiomyopathy is most common among theContinue reading “Heart Transplants, The Latest Innovation In Cardiovascular Medicine”

Exploring the Vaccine Debate

Is there any legitimacy behind the anti-vax argument? Due to the rising occurrence of measles, a disease once thought to be eradicated, Australians are being encouraged to vaccinate to protect themselves. However, there is speculation as to whether vaccinations are as effective as reputed.  Should vaccinations be compulsory or should Australians be allowed to determineContinue reading “Exploring the Vaccine Debate”

Stem Cells, Ethical or Not?

The versatility of pluripotent and multipotent stem cells means that there are many diseases that can be hindered by the use of stem cells in medicine. Multipotent stem cells can develop into a number of cells in the body, and they can come from the bone marrow, be epithelial stem cells, or osteoblasts. Stem cellsContinue reading “Stem Cells, Ethical or Not?”

I Used To Hate Frogs (Now I Love Them)

Liz Welcome to my very first post which I happily dedicated to frogs. Frogs are cool and honestly, I think we should all appreciate them more. I, myself used to hate frogs. I used to think they were gross, disgusting, and slimy. But now I love them. Here’s just a few random facts about theseContinue reading “I Used To Hate Frogs (Now I Love Them)”


Harry There is a raging debate however over whether PGT is an ethically, scientifically, and economically permissible innovation that should be allowed. Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) is a procedure optionally performed for couples undergoing IVF. After a series of days, one or more cells are removed from each embryo, and their DNA analyzed to identifyContinue reading “PGD/PGT: AN ESSAY ON THE TECHNOLOGY’S MORAL PERMISSIBILITY”

Palm Oil, Saving The Environment, But is it Really All That Simple?

Palm oil is a vegetable oil highly saturated in fat, quite similar to that of coconut oil. Production of palm oil has dramatically increased over the past four years, from 62 million tonnes in 2015 totalling to 69.5 million tonnes in 2018. There are an estimated 17 million hectares across the equator of palm oilContinue reading “Palm Oil, Saving The Environment, But is it Really All That Simple?”

Radioactive Strontium is Being Used to Treat Cancer

Isotus What is Radiation? What Type of Radiation Does Strontium 89 Emmit? When an atom is unstable, it will try to stabilize itself by emitting waves or subatomic particles. The energy includes things like light and heat, as well  as radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, and gamma rays.  Strontium emits Beta negative type radiation, whichContinue reading “Radioactive Strontium is Being Used to Treat Cancer”