Russia’s cyber crusade on Western Democracy is coming for you.

The 2016 election will probably stand as the most controversial election in US history. Wherever that be the election of Donald Trump or the political divide it created, one of the most important elements was Russia’s involvement. Through leaking emails to creating fake troll accounts to provoke the two sides, there’s no denying Russia’s useContinue reading “Russia’s cyber crusade on Western Democracy is coming for you.”

Exploring the Vaccine Debate

Is there any legitimacy behind the anti-vax argument? Due to the rising occurrence of measles, a disease once thought to be eradicated, Australians are being encouraged to vaccinate to protect themselves. However, there is speculation as to whether vaccinations are as effective as reputed.  Should vaccinations be compulsory or should Australians be allowed to determineContinue reading “Exploring the Vaccine Debate”


Australian’s have done it tough the past year. 2020 has kept us all locked inside. All ambitions to travel the world have been stomped by the pandemic, and it doesn’t look like international borders are set to open any time soon. However, in NSW, the pandemic has settled down, and moving around the state isContinue reading “SOUTH COASTS TOP 8 NEED TO SEE DESTINATIONS”

Should Children Be Allowed On Tik Tok?

Charlotte Tik Tok has become a new and hot topic amongst young ones’ conversations. However, should children who are under the age of 13 really be allowed on this app? Tik Tok has been known to not be a very safe place for minors. Even though the Tik Tok team tries to keep the appContinue reading “Should Children Be Allowed On Tik Tok?”