Heart Transplants, The Latest Innovation In Cardiovascular Medicine

Heart transplant is a type of surgery used for patients who are in ‘end-stage heart failure’. Were these diseases such as ‘Birth defect’, ‘cardiomyopathy’ and ‘coronary’ can lead to End-stage heart failure’. These are the three main diseases that can cause end-stage heart failure, but out of the three, Cardiomyopathy is most common among theContinue reading “Heart Transplants, The Latest Innovation In Cardiovascular Medicine”

Exploring the Vaccine Debate

Is there any legitimacy behind the anti-vax argument? Due to the rising occurrence of measles, a disease once thought to be eradicated, Australians are being encouraged to vaccinate to protect themselves. However, there is speculation as to whether vaccinations are as effective as reputed.  Should vaccinations be compulsory or should Australians be allowed to determineContinue reading “Exploring the Vaccine Debate”

How To Get Fit Quick!

Charlotte When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle many people ponder upon what steps they need to take in order to have a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, there are three main elements that contribute to having a healthy lifestyle. These include eating well, physical fitness and mental fitness. You want to have aContinue reading “How To Get Fit Quick!”