Australian’s have done it tough the past year. 2020 has kept us all locked inside. All ambitions to travel the world have been stomped by the pandemic, and it doesn’t look like international borders are set to open any time soon. However, in NSW, the pandemic has settled down, and moving around the state isContinue reading “SOUTH COASTS TOP 8 NEED TO SEE DESTINATIONS”

Free Gym Training Split – Focus: Hypertrophy

Eazy–Ree Disclaimer: I’m just some kid who likes going to the Gym so don’t listen to anything I write. Day 1 : Chest and Back Bench press 3 x 10-12 + 2 warm up set Incline bench press 3 x 12-15 Incline DB press 3 x 10-12 Cable crossover 2 x 12-15 + 10 (Continue reading “Free Gym Training Split – Focus: Hypertrophy”

How To Get Fit Quick!

Charlotte When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle many people ponder upon what steps they need to take in order to have a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, there are three main elements that contribute to having a healthy lifestyle. These include eating well, physical fitness and mental fitness. You want to have aContinue reading “How To Get Fit Quick!”