Russia’s cyber crusade on Western Democracy is coming for you.

The 2016 election will probably stand as the most controversial election in US history. Wherever that be the election of Donald Trump or the political divide it created, one of the most important elements was Russia’s involvement. Through leaking emails to creating fake troll accounts to provoke the two sides, there’s no denying Russia’s useContinue reading “Russia’s cyber crusade on Western Democracy is coming for you.”


Continued discussion and investigation on the Electoral Race between Biden and Trump- just a matter of days away. Florida: Florida is known to be a tipping point battleground state that has generally predicted the President over the past dozen elections in the United States (with some exceptions e.g. H W Bush won the state inContinue reading “THE ELECTORAL RACE: PART 2”


On Friday (Thursday in the United States), the final Presidential Debate for this year’s eventful race will take place- with Democratic Nominee former Vice President Joe Biden tackling incumbent President Donald Trump. In what no doubt will be the most important presidential race since 1932 – when President Franklin Roosevelt unseated the incumbent Herbert HooverContinue reading “THE ELECTORAL RACE: PART 1”

The End of Google? US Government Takes Tech Giant to Court.

On Tuesday the 21st, the US Department of Justice along with 11 other US states filed an Antitrust lawsuit against the $1 trillion mega cooperation. This comes after months of talking in Washington about taking down some of the big tech companies over their monopoly in the industry. The lawsuit could see not only theContinue reading “The End of Google? US Government Takes Tech Giant to Court.”

Stem Cells, Ethical or Not?

The versatility of pluripotent and multipotent stem cells means that there are many diseases that can be hindered by the use of stem cells in medicine. Multipotent stem cells can develop into a number of cells in the body, and they can come from the bone marrow, be epithelial stem cells, or osteoblasts. Stem cellsContinue reading “Stem Cells, Ethical or Not?”


Harry There is a raging debate however over whether PGT is an ethically, scientifically, and economically permissible innovation that should be allowed. Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) is a procedure optionally performed for couples undergoing IVF. After a series of days, one or more cells are removed from each embryo, and their DNA analyzed to identifyContinue reading “PGD/PGT: AN ESSAY ON THE TECHNOLOGY’S MORAL PERMISSIBILITY”

Should Children Be Allowed On Tik Tok?

Charlotte Tik Tok has become a new and hot topic amongst young ones’ conversations. However, should children who are under the age of 13 really be allowed on this app? Tik Tok has been known to not be a very safe place for minors. Even though the Tik Tok team tries to keep the appContinue reading “Should Children Be Allowed On Tik Tok?”