Radioactive Strontium is Being Used to Treat Cancer

Isotus What is Radiation? What Type of Radiation Does Strontium 89 Emmit? When an atom is unstable, it will try to stabilize itself by emitting waves or subatomic particles. The energy includes things like light and heat, as well  as radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, and gamma rays.  Strontium emits Beta negative type radiation, whichContinue reading “Radioactive Strontium is Being Used to Treat Cancer”

Our Vietnam Veterans – The Nation’s Worst Welcome Home

Hasnain Aly A Bushranger helicopter, over 3,000kg and 17m in length, descends onto a field of trodden grass. Five men climb on board and the helicopter immediately lifts off, leaving a circular imprint in the grass. The men, along with the two door gunners open fire at the target. There is a deafening roar ofContinue reading “Our Vietnam Veterans – The Nation’s Worst Welcome Home”