I Used To Hate Frogs (Now I Love Them)


Welcome to my very first post which I happily dedicated to frogs. Frogs are cool and honestly, I think we should all appreciate them more. I, myself used to hate frogs. I used to think they were gross, disgusting, and slimy. But now I love them. Here’s just a few random facts about these fascinating creatures.


There are at least 4,000 frog species in the world believe it or not. While a group of cattle is called a herd or a group of birds is called a flock, a group of frogs is called an army. Frogs can come in multiple different forms for example there is the Barbourula kalimantanensis which is found in Indonesia and a unique feature about this frog is that it’s known to have no lungs and entirely uses its skin to get oxygen. Frogs can also come in different colours; did you know that brightly coloured frogs are coloured this way so they can warn predators they’re poisonous. Going back to the Barbourula kalimantanensis, all frogs don’t need to drink because they absorb water through their skin. A little gross fact for you is that once every week frogs completely shed their skin and eat the dead skin they pulled off. Frogs eyes pop out of their head so they can see while most of its body is under water and they also blink their eyes every time they swallow pray, pushing their eyes on top of their mouth to help push the food down its throat.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My favourite frog species is the Hyalinobatrachium Dianae which is also known as the Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog. It’s called this because they’re translucent so you can see their organs. These 1-inch long frogs made the headlines as they were just recently discovered and were pulled up for their recent celebrity look-a-like Kermit the frog. The Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog is unique for the sound of its colour, the sound of its call and of course its Kermit eyes. A good factor about the translucent Kermit-like frog is that it’s a ‘good indicator of the general health in their ecosystem”.


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