Australian’s have done it tough the past year. 2020 has kept us all locked inside. All ambitions to travel the world have been stomped by the pandemic, and it doesn’t look like international borders are set to open any time soon.

However, in NSW, the pandemic has settled down, and moving around the state is becoming a possibility once again. As warm summer days are ahead of us, I, along with thousands of others, can confidently say we are ready to pack our bags and head out for a well deserved vacation. And where else better than the South Coast? A sunny, bright paradise with a lively community makes for a great summer destination. But what exactly awaits travellers? Here are 8 of the best things to see and do on the South coast this summer.

  1. Kayak Tour at batemans bay (bay and beyond kayak tours)

The waters of the south coast are truly a sight to behold. Whenever that’s out in the crystal ocean or the inland lakes surrounded by a green oasis. That’s why one of our top recommendations is to take a kayak tour and explore these beautiful bodies of water. Get a few friends together and paddle away as you travel past everything the south coast has to offer. On the lake tours, such sights you’ll see include kangaroo’s, jumping fish, stingrays, sea eagles and more! You may also wish to explore the pristine ocean and the water’s mesmerising rise and fall. Even take a look at the luminescent Milky Way on a sunset tour. It’s a calm relaxing scenic experience for everyone.

Bay and Beyond Sea Kayak Tours - 947 Photos - 3 Reviews - Eco Tour Agency -  38 Lakeside Drive, Durras, NSW, Australia 2536
Group Bookings — Bay and Beyond Sea Kayak Tours
Bay and Beyond Sea Kayak Tours | The NRMA
  1. Batemans bay birdland Wildlife sanctuary.

Wombat’s, koalas and kangaroos. All proud symbols of the Australian outback. And all placed right here in the batemans bay birdland wildlife sanctuary. It’s a wonderful interactive experience for the whole family. Visitors get a chance to cuddle the large chunky wombats and feed the cheeky emu’s. The sanctuary contains over 100 animals, such as kangaroos, peacocks, snakes and cheeky koala’s. Family passes only cost a mere $72, with single adult tickets only costing $26. 

  1. Albion park Aviation Museum

If you have a knack for education and you love aeroplanes, Boeing sized jumbo jets, and fighter aircraft, you’ll love the Albion park aviation Museum. 100 miles south of Sydney, this museum is a proud part of south coast history. It’s the same museum John Travolta donated his Boeing 707 to, expected to make a touchdown in the near future! For $55, your family gets the chance to see the inside of the Canberra Boeing 747, the same plane that travelled from London to Sydney without refuelling.  Other wonders to behold include the Lockheed AP-3C Orion, a retired jumbo jet that served in combat! The museum even has an award winning cafe. It’s a grand way to immerse yourself into the fascinating history of Australian Aviation

  1. Murray beach, Booderee national park

Usually, we like to talk about what you might like to do with one of these activities. But the better question is what isn’t there to do at Murray Beach? There’s a reason it’s known as the jewel in Booderee national park. It offers some of the most divine waters for those who want to take a dip. For snorkelers, there are rocky reefs, fields of seagrass, underwater caves and if you’re lucky you may even find squid! Fishing, whale watching and boating are just some of the endless possibilities travellers have when settling down at Murray beach.

Humpback Whale off Booderee National Park
Beaches | Booderee National Park
Best Snorkelling Spots in Jervis Bay
Just around the corner from Murrays Beach you can find Murrays Beach Boat  Ramp. Always a busy spot parti… | Wonders of the world, New south wales,  Drone photography
  1.  Jamberoo action park

Perhaps you want your journey to have a bit more adrenaline. Well fortunately, the South coast has one of the best Water Parks you’ll find in all of Australia at Jamberoo Action park. The funnel web ride is one of the South Coast favourite attractions, containing the world’s largest sculpture of a spider and a drop that sends riders down a funnel at 30KM/H. It is also home to “race hill”, a slide where riders all race each other down to the bottom at exhilarating speed. For those wanting a more relaxed experience, you may find the wave pool your cup of tea. It even provides lunch, with a food shack selling fish and chips along with various other tasty goods. For the thrill-seekers, this is the place for you.

Employment | Jamberoo | Theme Park, Water Park, Family Fun Park | Theme Park  - Attraction - Fun Park
Jamberoo Action Park achieves world record for Australia's newest 'Big  Thing' - Australasian Leisure Management
Jamberoo Action Park - Jamberoo |
Surf Hill | Jamberoo | Theme Park, Water Park, Family Fun Park | Theme Park  - Attraction - Fun Park
  1. Nan tien temple, Wollongong.

If you’re looking for a culturally enriching experience, the Nan Tien temple should be on your list. The largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, this place stands as an important hub for philosophy, religion and Chinese culture. Invite your friends and family on a day tour and practice the 800 year old tradition of Tai-Chi, a relaxing way to mediate, relieve anxiety and improve mental health. Enjoy an authentic yummy and nutritious vegan lunch, with meals such as Cha Shao noodle and vegetarian curry rice. Even take an overnight stay in the pilgrim lodge as you expand your understanding of the rich buddhist culture. It’s one of those things in your lifetime you just have to do.

Nan Tien Temple - Headwayadp
Tours & School Excursions | Nan Tien Temple
  1. Kiama blowhole

This 2.5m wide hole is one of the largest in the whole world, with water jumping up at a staggering 30m! Visitors of the Kiama blowhole will get to see the pure raw power of the ocean, while getting a little bit wet. Only walking distance from this world wonder includes picnic areas, where you can order top quality seafood and take a lie down with friends and family. There’s also a rock pool and a gorgeous beach nearby. With all of this and more, it’s no wonder nearly 1 million visitors come down each year to get soaked by the Kiama Blowhole.

Kiama Blowhole - Destination Kiama
Kiama Pov Black Beach Reserve Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free)  1033560875 | Shutterstock
Diggies Kiama - Destination Kiama
Kiama NSW - Plan a Holiday - Hotels, Maps, Beaches & Caravan Parks
  1. Minnamurra rainforest

Australian nature is truly one of the most beautiful sights to behold. And where better to appreciate such gorgeousness then in the Minnamurra Rainforest. Costing absolutely nothing, visitors will have the freedom to explore the oasis as they please. The carrington picnic and BBQ area is a favourite amongst travellers, due to its scenic view. The adventurous, however, may be more inclined to walk along cooks’ noses, where travellers will get to see the entire escarpment while also exploring the lucious environment. If you haven’t given birdwatching a second thought, maybe the Illawarra lookout track is the perfect place for you to get started as you get clear views of some of the finest feathered animals the south coast has to offer. With 23 different activities, adventure awaits all at Minnamurra rainforest!

Capturing The Sunshine At Minnamurra Rainforest | Maps + Mandalas
Travel Wonders of the World: In Search of Lyrebirds (Minnamurra Rainforest,  Australia)


  1. Thank you for the help I will now visuit jambaroo action park where i will controlt he adventure. I appreiate the help and will dontatee if a pass buyer gives me money on the street.
    Kind egards Mojko

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