Should Children Be Allowed On Tik Tok?


Tik Tok has become a new and hot topic amongst young ones’ conversations. However, should children who are under the age of 13 really be allowed on this app?

Tik Tok has been known to not be a very safe place for minors. Even though the Tik Tok team tries to keep the app as safe as possible, it still has its ups and downs. Videos of people doing inappropriate dances or making inappropriate jokes are very popular on the app. Do you really want your child or children you know to start to normalise such things amongst themselves? Do you really want to hear your children sing along to inappropriate songs and to dance to inappropriate dances? I would not want my children to do such things in the future as it would not only set a bad example for them, but for me as a parent too.

There has also been a speculation going around on whether or not Tik Tok is a safe place for people’s personal information and data as well. It has been said that Tik Tok has been sending personal data and information of users to its headquarters in China. However, what is being done with such data is unknown. Do you really want your child’s information to be given to a source that you are unsure of? Think about it.

As a parent or as an older sibling of a child you would only want what’s best for them. You would only want for them to be safe, especially online. Even if they beg and beg to download the app, you need to not give in to their pleads and instead realise that their safety is on the line and that they can live without the app. So please, consider whether or not you want your child on the app, Tik Tok.

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