How To Get Fit Quick!


When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle many people ponder upon what steps they need to take in order to have a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, there are three main elements that contribute to having a healthy lifestyle. These include eating well, physical fitness and mental fitness.

You want to have a set routine with your workouts. Maybe you work on your arms on Monday, abs on Wednesday and full body Friday. Regardless, having a routine will help to keep you organised with your fitness. Doing a simple 10 minute workout every day will definitely help to quicken up the time it takes for you to get fit, but don’t push yourself too far. I recommend checking out Chloe Ting’s workouts, which can be found on YouTube, as they are short, effective and great for beginners. I started doing her workouts last year and have transformed completely!

You want to have a set goal in your mind in order to motivate you to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Your goal could be to lose a certain amount of weight before summer, to gain muscles in your arms, to get a bigger booty and so on. Once you have your goal, you will be able to motivate yourself to keep pushing and to reach that goal. It may take time, but patience is always key with health and fitness.

Lastly, you want to maintain a healthy diet, but not too strict of a diet. Some food I recommend you try to eat everyday include bananas or other foods high in fibre, whole grain cereal, porridge, drinking plenty of water (at least more than a litre), fish and brown rice. If you are someone with a sweet tooth, foods like dark chocolate and low-fat yoghurt are also great.

So there we have it. A very basic idea of how to get fit quick! Always remember to never give up and that there will one day be a great end result from all your hard work.

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